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4-AP, how does it work?

4-Aminopyridine (4-AP) is a Potassium channel blocker.

In many people with the spasticity, the myelin sheath surrounding the nerves becomes damaged, this demyelination is often irreversible. The muscles are controlled via action signals that travel along the axons in nerves. After damage to the myelin, however, the action signals leak from the axons, through the holes in the myelin.

4-AP, how does it work?

4-AP acts to temporarily block the holes in the myelin, allowing the action signals from the brain to reach their correct destination.

4-AP has been used safely for decades for the treatment of spasticity.

What is Ampyra?

There is only one, patented commercial formulation of 4-AP, Ampyra.

Ampyra is very expensive, often in the region of $1000 per month. Many insurance companies refuse to pay for Ampyra, that’s even if Ampyra is available in your country, for your disease.

Most patients opt for 4-Aminopyridine (4-AP).

4-AP is the the active ingredient in Ampyra, 5 – 10mg 4-AP, plus an inert filler. Commercially available preparations of 4-AP are usually formulated by a Compounding Pharmacy. Compounding is simply the act of mixing the active ingredient with a filler, then encapsulating it.

Where Can I Buy 4-AP?

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